The matchmaker is a specific actor in the intent gossip network that tries to match intents together. When intents are matched together, the matchmaker crafts a transaction from them and sends it to the ledger network.

A matchmaker is an intent gossip node started with additional parameters: a ledger address and a list of sub-matchmakers. A sub-matchmaker is defined with a topics list, a main program path, a filter program path, and a transaction code.

The main and filter programs are wasm compiled code. Each has a defined entrypoint and their own set of environment functions that they can call.

When the matchmaker receives a new intent from the network it calls the corresponding sub-matchmaker, the one that has the intent’s topic in their topics list. A sub-matchmaker first checks if the intent is accepted by the filter, before adding it to that sub-matchmaker database. Then the main program is called with the intent and current state.

Sub-matchmaker topics' list

A sub-matchmaker is defined to work with only a subset of encoding. Each intent propagated to the corresponding topic will be process by this sub-matchmaker.

Having a topics list instead of a unique topic allows a matchmaker to match intents from different encodings. For example, when an updated version of an encoding is out, the matchmaker could match intents from both versions if they don’t diverge too much.

Sub-matchmaker database and state (name TBD)

Each sub-matchmaker has a database and an arbitrary state.

The database contains intents received by the node from the topics list that passed the filter.

The state is arbitrary data that is managed by the main program. That state is given to all calls in the main program.

The database is persistent but the state is not. When a node is started the state is recovered by giving all intents from the database to the main program. The invariant that the current state is equal to the state if the node is restarted is not enforced and is the responsibility of the main program.

Filter program

The filter is an optional wasm program given in parameters. This filter is used to check each intent received by that sub-matchmaker. If it's not defined, intents are directly passed to the main program.

The entrypoint filter_intent takes an intent and returns a boolean. The filter has the ability to query the state of the ledger for any given key.

Main program

The main program is a mandatory wasm program given in parameters. The main program must match together intents.

The main program entrypoint match_intent takes the current state, a new intent data and its id. The main program also has the ability to query the state of the ledger. It also has functions remove and get to interact with the matchmaker mempool. When a main matchmaker program finds a match it sends a transaction to the ledger composed of the code template given in the matchmaker parameter and the data given to this function. Finally the matchmaker must update its state so the next run will have up to date values.

The main program is called on two specific occasion; when intent gossip node is started, on all intent from database and whenever a new intent is received from the p2p network and the RPC endpoint, if enabled.


The transaction code given in parameters is used when the main program matches a group of intents. The main program returns arbitrary data that is attached to the transaction which is then injected into a ledger node.

Flow diagram: Matchmaker process

matchmaker process

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