Actors and Incentives

Anoma consists of various actors fulfilling various roles in the network. They are all incentivized to act for the good of the network. The native Anoma token XAN is used to settle transaction fees and pay for the incentives in Anoma.

Fees associated with a transaction

Users of Anoma can

  • transfer private assets they hold to other users and
  • barter assets with other users.

Each transaction may be associated with the following fees, paid in XAN:

  • Execution fees to compensate for computing, storage and memory costs, charges at 2 stages:
    • initial fee (init_f): charged before the transaction is settled
    • post-execution fee (exe_f): charged after the settlement
  • Exchange fee (ex_f): a fee proportional to the value exchanged in a trade

Actors and their associated fees and responsibilities

ActorResponsibilitiesIncentivesBond in escrowMay also be
UserMake offers or send transactionsFeatures of AnomaXAnyone
SignerGenerate key shardsportions of init_f, exe_fValidator
ValidatorValidateportions of init_f, exe_fSigner
SubmitterSubmit orders & pay init_fsuccessful orders get init_f back plus bonusX
Intent gossip operatorSigns and shares ordersportions of init_f, exe_fX
Market makerSigns and broadcast ordersthe difference between the ask and bid priceX
ProposerProposes blocksportions of init_f, exe_fValidator

Questions to explore:

  • How do we calculate the incentives? What are the equations for each actor?

  • How do we calculate the bond/reward for the signers and validators?

  • How do we ensure certain dual/multi agencies are allowed but not others? E.g., signers can be validators but we may not want them to be proposers because they may have knowledge of which transactions are encrypted.

Actors and fees flowchart