Intent Gossip system prototype

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  • learning rust
  • usable node + client setup :
    • intent
    • incentive function
    • mempool and white list
  • basic matchmaker


The intent gossip is build conjointly to the ledger and share the same binary.


The node is built into anoman, it runs all the necesarry part, rpc server, libp2p, intent gossip app.

Intent gossip application

The intent gossip application


Network behaviour

The network behaviour is the part that react on network event. It creates a channel (e.g. tokio::mpsc::channel) with the intent gossip to communicate all intent it receive.

Rpc server

If the rpc command line option is set it creates a tonic server that receive command from a client and send theses through a channel (e.g. tokio::mpsc::channel) to the the intent gossip.


Allow to submit a intent : anoma gossip --data "data"